Hair & Hair Extensions

Hair & Hair Extensions

Some of us are born with an incredible amount of hair follicles in our scalp, and some of us are less fortunate.
Some of us did receive at birth the gift of great hair-genes, but some of us entered life else wise.
That doesn’t have to stop you from getting yourself the haircut you always wished for. That elegant hairstyle that you hope to see, when you look into the mirror.

When you are ready to transform your natural haircut for that even more natural, but on top of that, slightly mysterious and elegant look that comes with a long haircut, then come to us. Because at AMD Beauty Salon we can make your beauty wishes come true.
After your Hair-Make-over at our salon, not only will your hair look completely natural, it will be healthy and voluminous as well. No one will notice that your hair had a little help at achieving that extra X- factor . 

At AMD Beauty Salon we only work with real hair of the highest quality, – Raw Virgin Hair A+  and naturally we only use products that are permitted on the European haircare market, products we of course do apply in a top hygienic manner. All of this
to ensure you a comfortable beauty result. 

It is for that same reason that we choose for Tape-on extensions. These type of extensions allow your natural hair to keep growing in a healthy manner, without being damaged by the extensions. On top of this this quality-banded hair extensions do not tangle, and they can be (re-) used for 12 months or even longer, when you follow the instructions and take proper care of them at home. 
I can guarantee you that the band on which the hairs are applied is strong and does not slip out of your natural hair if you treat the extensions well by following the simple instructions that I will give to you, during your appointment at the salon. 

At AMD Beauty Salon we are specialized in custom work!
Together with you, we will awaken the best version of you. 
By making your hair ‘bloom’, we are following in the steps of ancient artisans.  For nobody lesser then Cleopatra was already familiar with the use of hair extensions! She too took the liberty in those classic times to groom her hair in whatever way she felt like, and it’s that same freedom that you will experience in our modern day after an appointment at AMD Beauty Salon. We will grant you the pleasure of a suited haircut for every occasion!

Signed with love, 
AMD Beautysalon